About us

In January 2003, the actors of the in house company at the Bradford Playhouse were facing the prospect of losing their theatre due to insolvency. A meeting was held, out of which Actors Community Theatre, more commonly known as ACT, was formed.

The mission of the group was and is to be an asset to Bradford. To create theatrical works in Bradford. To offer development, encouragement, and support to anyone wanting to participate in theatre.  To bring the people of Bradford together through theatre.

That remains the mission to this day, and has been upheld during the many excellent productions put on by ACT.

A succession of talented, skilful, and experienced actors, directors and technicians have shared their skills with less experienced members, and opportunities have been extended to all who come and join.

A small but hard working committee, elected annually, oversees the activities of the group and its finances, and again, membership of that committee is open to all, as is attendance at the monthly group meetings.

New members are always made extremely welcome, and ACT works hard to include everyone. If you’re reading this wondering if you should come and say hello, the answer is yes, yes you should.