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by Paul King on:

  • Thursday 28th February 2019
  • Friday¬†29th February 2019
  • Saturday 1st March 2019

At Bradford City Hall.

In 1918 the British government passed the Representation of the People Act, finally giving the vote to all adult males. A few ladies were thrown in, over 30 and property owning. In 1918 that meant posh. If you were a woman you had to be posh to vote. The leaders of the Suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters were all bar one ok with that, and went off to found fascist parties, and write books encouraging poor people not to breed.

One Pankhurst, Sylvia, fought for ordinary women; and, in Suffragettes, ACT will tell her story. Using songs and speeches from the time, in the Grade 1 Listed splendour of Bradford City Hall, ACT will present the struggle for the vote from the perspective of the ordinary women who fought for it, and who would have to wait another ten years for it.

The auditions for Suffragettes will be on the 7th October, and on a follow up date to be arranged with auditionees. If you can’t make a formal audition contact us anyway, if there’s enough of you well arrange something. Details here.