Suffragettes audition – part 2

Thank you if you came to the Sunday audition at the very excellent Underground Club. Those of you who attended should by now have received an email and a link to the various online spreadsheets.

We still need people. Particularly women, any age, any level of experience. We’ve got the main parts filled, but there are plenty of crowd and smaller parts going. Remember that this is an ensemble piece in a Brechtian style, so you’ll be playing racegoers and then MPs and then prison warders and then suffragettes, so there’s plenty of scope for playing around. If you just want to stand at the back and hold a pole we’ve got that too.

Rehearsals will be mainly on Sunday. We’re going to carve Sundays into two slots of three hours each with a lunchbreak inbetween. We will do everything we can to accommodate you if you can’t do them all. Some of you may only be in for a few weeks and then nothing until just before and then after Christmas. Those of you who want the larger parts, or to take more of the smaller parts on, you’ll be in more.

A reminder that performance dates are:

  • 26th Feb
  • 27th Feb
  • 1st March

in the Banqueting Suite in Bradford City Hall. This is an astounding venue.
There will then be a performance at St Cuthbert’s Church in Wrose, 9th March. If you’ve never done a split run before then relax, they’re easy.

If you’re tempted to audition then please do! You can contact us to ask any question you want. You are welcome to pop in on a Sunday, Underground Bar, 9 Duke St, Bradford BD1 3QR, just warn us you’re coming.