Suffragettes audition

ACT is presenting Suffragettes by Paul King in Bradford Town Hall in early 2019.

Suffragettes uses original songs and speeches from the time to tell of the ordinary women who risked all to win the vote. Told from the perspective of lesser known daughter Sylvia Pankhurst it’s a side of the story not always told and not always pleasant. For all that it’s a rollicking play with songs, laughs, and a necessary message at its heart.

Written for a mixed experience ensemble cast, Suffragettes offers good opportunities for seasoned actors and for complete beginners. You can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The play can be done with as few as 12 or as many as 30 people. There are gut-wrenching monologues and there are crowd scenes where you can just hide in the crowd and hold a pole. You’ll need to be able to rehearse on the occasional Sunday and the occasional weekday evening, probably Tuesday. You’ll have to be available all Sundays in January with performance currently pencilled for the week at the end of February beginning of March 2019.

Auditions will be at the Underground Club in Bradford on 7th October at 1pm. If you’re interested please contact us. There will be a weeknight audition, we’ll let you know the date when we know it.

What’s an audition Ged?

I’m glad you asked me that, that is a very good question.

You will arrive in time to start at 1pm. If you can’t make it for 1 then use the contact form to warn us and we’ll keep the door open for you. If you’re not in the building by 2 then there’s no point. We’re not monsters, we know about roadworks and disappearing babysitters, we’re not going to make you walk the plank. Let us know you got trapped and we’ll do our best to reschedule you.

We’ll be there from about 12 onwards to get the room ready. You don’t want to arrive too early, you’ll be sitting there bored.

Important Rule number 1

Relax. It’s not like that thing Simon Cowell does, we’re not inviting Craig Breville wotsisface. ACT runs a constructive, supportive workplace and we actively encourage newcomers.


At 1pm we will introduce the project to you. I will give you a quick runthrough of what it’s about, then we’ll run you through some very basic exercises.

We’re not looking for Oscar winners. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning of your journey. There are only three things that we’re looking for:

  1. you have a go
  2. you work with each other
  3. you work for each other

If you’re intending to be the star of the show then this isn’t the show for you. If we see you sneering at other performers, whatever stage of their journey they’re at, then you’re out. Sorry but no, not having that. It takes courage to get up there, whatever level you’re at, and courage is always to be applauded. Work with each other and for each other and you will make magic. Put each other down and no, that way lies Hell. That will not be happening.

You will play a few games which, if you’ve never done this before, will probably be similar to stuff you did in school. They’re icebreakers and warmups. Then you’ll work together in groups on sections and themes in the play. All we’re looking for are the three things listed above. Have a go, support each other, look after each other. You’ll be going out there on stage together, we need to know that you’ll protect each other.

And that’s all we need from you. The rest we can work on.

Unless you’re a strong singer. We could really do with a couple of strong singers, especially a male one.

We will do our best to make the audition process available to all. If you can’t make an audition but you’d still like to act then we can almost certainly accommodate that

Script is available here


Emmeline Pankhurst. mother
Christabel Pankhurst. daughter
Sylvia Pankhurst. daughter
Adela Pankhurst. daughter

The Pankhurst were posh. Notoriously posh. With the exception of Sylvia they didn’t like lower class people very much.

Norah, a friend of the Pankhursts

Emily Davidson. Cracking role, she’s got some great scenes, both comic and horrific. Really good monologue.

Annie and Florence, two East End ladies

After that we’re into “frankly we’re not too worried about the accuracy” impressions (although, come on, who hasn’t got a comedy Herbert Asquith impression?):

Winston Churchill
David Lloyd George
Herbert Asquith

and then sundry other politicians of the time, as well as policemen, race goers, protesters, ladies and lots of other reasons to change your hat.

If you’re familiar with Oh What A Lovely War then you’ll recognise the style straight away. If you’ve studied theatre theory then Brecht Epic Theatre Berliner Ensemble Verfremdungseffekt, so if you’re doing any sort of theatre GCSE or A level then this is a brilliant chance to get marks. If you’re not then ignore all that, you don’t need it, the play’s still great fun without all the theory behind it. Think pantomime for grownups.

It’s going to need a strong backstage team, particularly costumes, so if you have any interest in that you can be our new favourite person.

If you’ve any interest in any of this please do contact us