Twelfth Night – actresses still needed

We’re short of women! We are not used to this.

We’re lacking a few, at various sizes of role, but the big one we are lacking is Olivia.

Olivia is the capable manager of a successful estate who spends virtually the entire play juggling idiots and keeping disastermen at arm’s length. Until she meets a bloke who treats her as a person and not an assemblage of assets and begins to fall in love. Except bloke isn’t actually a bloke….

Three broad states needed:

  • the “Tragical Heroine” mask she wears to keep the “suitors” at bay,
  • the “guvnor” mask she uses to manage the estate and the wassocks living and working on it, and
  • the woman herself. A bit lonely, longing for someone to walk into her life who actually cares about her (seriously, Aguecheek has a speech about how he expects a return on his monetary investment in her seduction, and Orsino waxes lyrical about her liver. Disastermen).

Anyway, if you know anyone or you’re interested, and don’t forget there’s a couple of beginners’ parts still going as well, so if you want all of the bragging rights and none of the line learning, contact us