A good friend needs help!

Our very good friend Jonathan Hall over at Snowgoose writes:

Actors and crew wanted

“We’re looking for actors to be involved in a non professional church Mystery Play, which is being staged at St Pauls Church in Shipley.

A summary of the play is written below; we’ve a few speaking parts available, however if you don’t want to commit to line learning we also need a number of ‘bodies’ to swell out our crowd scenes- our Philistine army for example! Also we’re looking for people to work behind the scenes doing such things as helping paint animal heads, and stage manage Noah’s flood.

The performance dates are Monday March 26th and Tuesday March 27th, the dress rehearsal is Friday March 23rd. Rehearsals take place on Mondays, and as the performance date comes nearer, Tuesdays. Dates are as follows:

•Monday February 26th
•Monday March 5th
•Monday March 12th
•Tuesday March 13th
•Monday March 19th
•Tuesday March 20th
•Friday March 23rd (Dress)
•Monday March 26th (performance)
•Tuesday March 27th  (performance)

Rehearsals are evenings from 7.30- 9.30.

The play
A group of Shipley people gather together enjoying the last of autumn sunshine. However their contentment is spoilt by the thought of the inevitable cold and dark days that lie ahead.
One member of the group encourages them to be faithful, sharing her view with three stories of faith-
-when Noah obeys directions to build a boat despite being far removed from any water
-when David faces the giant Goliath, secure in his faith
-and a final story, where the apostles face the death and resurrection of Jesus

Through the acting out of these stories questions of faith and belief are addressed, if not resolved…

Even though the play is religious in theme you don’t have to be a church goer to be involved!”


If you are interested, or would like more details please contact Jonathan Hall on hall_jonathan@hotmail.com