Twelfth Night – auditions 19th Feb

By heck theatre backstage rooms are cold! I suspect it’s deliberate, to get people moving. It certainly worked last night.  For a kick off, a warm (eventually) thank you to everyone who turned up, it was very promising to see so many faces. It was very promising to see so many new faces, and pleasantly surprising to have a bulk of males across the age range.

Amazingly we were left with a strong and promising cast but a shortage of older women.  This, as anyone in community theatre can tell you, is not how it usually happens.  This, especially as we look to future productions, is very promising indeed. Downright exciting in fact, but we do need a couple of older ladies.  And maybe a few extra blokes for feeder parts (those parts where the actor has five or so lines just to get the main character started). And we would love a musical group. You don’t have to be virtuoso, you just need to be able to bang out something resembling a tune on something. Tell a lie; it’d be nice if “come away death” could have a bit of decent accompaniment.

But, at this early stage (rehearsals don’t start for another 8 weeks) to have a cast this strong in  place (assuming everyone accepts their part, but why wouldn’t they!?  Look at the team they created last night, who’d walk away from that?) is very, very good progress indeed.

Thanks all.